10 Foods You Thought Were Healthy…

We are getting more conscious of what they eat, whether you’re trying to lose weight or you just want to be healthier. Some of the foods you thought were healthy are actually terrible for you. It’s time to change up your diet.

Granola Bars

Granola bars have to be healthy, right? After all, they’re filled with a bunch of oats. But also they come with added sugar. In the end, they’re more of a candy bar than a healthy snack.

Iceberg Lettuce

The general belief is that munching veggies are great for your health. However, there is one leafy green you should skip — iceberg lettuce, which has no nutritional value at all. Try something darker in colour like spinach, kale, or spring mix instead.

Store-Bought Smoothies

You should seriously consider making your own smoothies. Store-bought smoothies come with more added-sugar than you think. In fact, many smoothies have more calories than a cheeseburger.

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Fruit Juice

People often consume fruit juice as a replacement of real fruits. Don’t get fooled by the “100% juice” and “no added sugar” stated on the packaging. They aren’t as healthy as you think. Just check out the nutrition facts. Fruit juices are filled with large amounts of sugar and calories.

Frozen Diet Dinners

Diet meals usually take up a large section in the frozen food department in the grocery store. It is true that they have less calories than other meals. However, the large amount of sodium and little nutrients is not good for your body.

Health Drinks

As seen on their commercials, enchanted waters and sports drinks are filled with vitamins and various nutrients. There are also real or artificial sugars you just don’t need. After all, the health drinks are not that healthy.


Choosing muffins over doughnut when you are on a diet isn’t as smart as you think. They’re just as high in sugar and calories, even it is a plain one.


Margarine increases cholesterol and decreases immune response and insulin response. It’s better to avoid it.

Frozen Yogurt

You are kidding yourself when you choose to have a frozen yogurt over an ice cream. After all, it filled with  sugar and calories count. Plus, once you cover it in candy bits and sprinkles, it no longer has any health benefits.

Rice Cakes

People have been eating rice cakes for weight loss for decades. Truth is, there’s almost no nutritional value. In fact, they’re little more than refined carbs.