7 Facts About Spicy Food

Though people love spicy food primarily for its flavor, studies prove that spices confer a host of health benefits. People have a love-hate relationship with spicy food. If you don’t take spicy food at all, this article will make you rethink your stance on spicy food.

Weight Loss

Spicy food can speed up your metabolic rate, thus, it will be helpful in sliming down. But it only help to a certain extent. Exercise is still needed. The reason is that there will be less effect if your body get used to spicy food.

Pain Relief

Capsaicin, which is the active ingredient in chili peppers, acts as pain reliever. It can be found in muscle creams to relief muscle soreness and sprains.

Good For Your Eyes

Smoked jalapeño peppers, also known as chipotle peppers, contain phytonutrients called lutein and zeaxanthin. That compound goes straight to your retinas. There is less risk of getting cataracts later in life if you get enough of it.

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The Young And The Beautiful

Spicy food can help you look young and beautiful too. By eating spicy food, there is more blood flow to face and body, leaving your skin glow with more gradience.

Cool It Down With Some Milk

Capsaicin is an oil-based compound, so it won’t dissolve in water. Drinking lots water after each bite of spicy food is not going to ease the pain. Fatty food like milk, will be a better choice.

Live Long And Prosper

Some spices contain cancer-fighting antioxidants. Based on a study, people who frequently consumed spicy food also showed a lower risk of death from cancer or ischemic heart and respiratory system diseases. Spicy foods also have high levels of phenolic content, which are chemicals with nutritional and anti-inflammatory values.

Nutritional Value

The addition of fresh chilies to your meals can help you reach your daily recommended intake for vitamins and minerals. According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, green and red peppers have a variety of essential minerals and high levels of vitamin C. Vitamin C can reduce the duration of the common cold and may help prevent cancer and heart disease.